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This Day the 18th of November in Irish History.

In the year: 2002
The Belfast High Court is told that Sinn Féin's administration office manager at Stormont, Denis Donaldson, is an active member of the IRA's intelligence unit with connections to terrorist groups in Europe and in El Salvador.

In the year: 1873
A three-day conference begins in Dublin to establish the Home Rule League. It will supersede Isaac Butt's Home Government Association

In the year: 1899
Death of William Allingham, poet

In the year: 1709
Birth of Henry Loftus, Earl of Ely and 4th Viscount; politician and proprietor of several boroughs

In the year: 1999
Former US senator George Mitchell makes his final report into the Good Friday Agreement; he urges the IRA to appoint its representative to discuss disarmament on the same day the new power-sharing government is set up

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