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This Day the 24th of March in Irish History.

In the year: 1796
The Insurrection Act imposes curfews, arms searches, and the death penalty for oath-taking

In the year: 1972
Stormont parliament and government are suspended and direct rule from London is introduced; William Whitelaw becomes Secretary of State for Northern Ireland

In the year: 1998
The Prison Service in Northern Ireland confirms that five Loyalist Volunteer Force prisoners are now on hunger strike at the Maze jail to protest a security crackdown following the savage murder of loyalist remand prisoner David Keys

In the year: 1958
Dawson Stelfox, architect and mountaineer, is born in Belfast

In the year: 2010
President Mary McAleese pays tribute to fallen Irish at Gallipoli while on a state trip to Turkey in what is being seen as the first official recognition of the huge loss of Irish lives in the first World War.

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