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This Day the 11th of February in Irish History.

In the year: 1858
The Miracle of Lourdes takes place when St Bernadette - Bernadette Soubirous - has her first vision of the Virgin Mary

In the year: 1992
After Haughey's resignation as Taoiseach, he is succeeded by Albert Reynolds on this date

In the year: 1926
Rioting greets the Abbey Theatre performance of Sean O'Casey's The Plough and the Stars because of what is viewed as anti-Irish sentiment. Yeats tells the audience 'You have disgraced yourselves again'

In the year: 2000
A new de Chastelain report on the IRA arms decommissioning impasse identifies a real prospect of agreement

In the year: 1774
Death of Jacob Poolem antiquary, in Growtown, Co. Wexford

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