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♣ The Confessio of Saint Patrick
♣ The Hymn of St. Patrick
♣ The Purgatory of St. Patrick
♣ The Reek and Patrick's Well
♣ Tripartite Life of St. Patrick
General Overview
There are many myths and legends (The Shamrock, Snakes, and Irelands Conversion to Christianity) about our beloved saint. click here for an indepth review.
Croagh Patrick
Croagh Patrick, colloquially called 'The Reek', is God's conical shape beacon above the picturesque Seaside town of Westport. The summit - bare and windswept, shrouded in mist one day; battered by Gales under a blue sky the next is the holy ground on which St. Patrick rested fasted, and reflected During all 44 days of lent. This is also where he banished the snakes from the here for more
Current search for Cathedrals and Churches named after Saint Patrick click here for more
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