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Below is the requested Family Story. Would you like to submit your own?'s Family Story Added On: December 28th, 2007
Posted By: Lawlor

This is the story of how this site came to be.  This site is dedicated to Saint Patrick, in appreciation for all the blessings he has continued to bestow upon our family.

This is a true story.

Near the end of her college days, our mother prayed and asked St. Patrick to send her a fine Irish man to marry. In exchange for his help, she promised to name her first son Patrick in his honor. One week later she met my father, John "Patrick" Lawlor. They married shortly thereafter. Out of respect for her new mother-in-law's wishes, she decided to name her first son after her husbands father. Again she prayed and asked St. Patrick to understand her dilemma. She promised in exchange for his understanding, that she would give all of her sons the middle name Patrick in his honor.

Today she is the proud mother of nine, six boys and three girls. All six of her sons have the middle name Patrick (and coincidently all her daughters were given the middle name of her mother-in-law).

On March 17, 1990 (St. Patrick's Day), her first grandchild, a strapping young lad whose middle name is Patrick was born to her eldest son.

It is interesting to note that her mother-in-law's wake also occured on StPatricksDay.

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