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2014 Osaka Japan Irish Festival
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Starts: 2014-03-22 - 12:30 PM Ends: 2014-03-22 - 4:30 PM
Event Type: Festival
Location: held in Tonboriribau~oku

Ise, 00000
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Ireland Ireland Festival Festival in Osaka 2014 EVENT information It is held in Tonboriribau~oku all unless otherwise specified. 3/9 (Sun) Tonboriribau~oku MAP 3/9 Tonbori River loose with mini live Irish music 3/9 Irish music live 3/9 memorabilia sales, marketing and Bussan introduction There is the case that it is subject to change without notice event. (One stage about 40 minutes) time table Fellow 11:30 fiddle club 12:30 Bünbuke Cha Gäma (Guiter, Bouzouki, Vocal) green (Fiddle) islet Toru 13:30 Yoshida with Murakami & Hiramoto (Button accordion, concertina) Yuji Murakami (fiddle) Hiramoto line (guitar) Fumio Yoshida 14:30 Kaneko core 15:30 The Wexford Session Band 16:30 Omori Hidenori with Friends (Concertina Tina) (fiddle, mandola) Yoshida Fumio Kaneko, Hidenori Omori iron core (U~isuru, Yi Lian Pipes) Midori (fiddle) The Session House (fiddle, etc.)

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