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2014 Cedar Rapids Iowa St Patrick's Day Parade
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Starts: 2014-03-17 - 1:00 PM Ends: 2014-03-17 - 3:00 PM
Event Type: Parade
Sponsor: St. Patrick's Day Society
Location: Downtown Cedar Rapids / Grand Stand at 3rd Ave

Cedar Rapids, IA 52406
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The Cedar Rapids Iowa Saint Patrick's Day parade is held every year ON THE 17th regardless of weather conditions. 3/17/2014 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM 39th Annual SaPaDaPaSo St. Patrick’s Day Parade The After parade celebration begins immediately following the close of the parade. This after parade party is held at a local establishment in the downtown area. It has been held in the past at The Roosevelt Hotel, The Emerald Knight's Bingo Hall, The Armstrong's building, and more recently at Third Street Live. This is a boisterous celebration, a "Sea of Green" activity.

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