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Dublin Ireland St Patrick's Day Parade 2016
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Starts: 2016-03-17 - 12:00 PM Ends: 2016-03-17 - 2:00 PM
Event Type: Parade
Sponsor: Dublin St. Patrick's Festival
Location: City Centre, starting at Parnell Square, Dublin 1

Dublin, DU NA
Contact Info:
+353 1 676 3205
Additional Information:
Dublin St Patrick's Day Parade 2016: St. Patrick’s Festival Parade 12:00 PM, Thu, 17 Mar St. Patrick’s Festival Parade Venue: City Centre, starting at Parnell Square, Dublin 1 Imagine If, the theme for the 2016 Festival Parade will be brought to life by Ireland’s leading pageant companies on March 17, their fantastical creations and thrilling performances, inspired by the future, will enthral and excite. Amidst the colourful pageantry, bands from the USA, Brittany and Ireland will deliver uplifting scores and inspiring rhythms. The spectacular procession will wind its way through the heart of Dublin city, bursting with colour and theatrics.

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