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2013 Chiba Japan St. Patricks Day Parade
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Starts: 2013-03-20 - 2:00 PM Ends: 2013-03-20 - 4:00 PM
Event Type: Parade
Location: Starts from Pearl Plaza

Chiba, 00000
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Chiba Japan 2013 St. Patrick's Day parade: 20th March 2013, St. Patrick's Day Parade 2013 Chiba Irish Network presents the 2nd St. Patrick's day parade in Kahin Makuhari, Chiba city. Walk with us in the 2nd St. Patrick's Day parade in Chiba. You are invited to walk with us in the parade. Anybody can join, adults, children, sports clubs, language clubs and all we ask is that you wear something green and have fun. This is an open parade and there is no entrance fee. You are also invited to our After-Parade-Party at Always Irish pub. Enjoy Irish music, Irish dance, Irish drinks and the fun of an Irish party. There is no entrance fee. There is a cash bar where you can purchase food and drinks.

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