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Good times, good friends, good health to you and the luck of the Irish in all that you do.

Green are the hills of Ireland and green they will always stay. Warm are the blessings wished for you and they'll always be that way.

God bless yourself, God bless your house, and may your days be merry!

Here's a wish for a day that's lucky all through from the likes o'me to the likes o'you.

Here's to our blessed Saint Patrick but most of all, here's to you.

I asked a leprechaun to bring a pot of gold to you, I asked a fiddler if he'd play your favorite ditty too, I asked the saints to walk with you each step along the way, and now I'm asking you to have a very happy day!

I just want to say it's a joy to address you as Irish folks do n'May heaven bless you!

I wish you lots of good luck no matter what the day. I wish you lots of sunshine and not a bit of gray. I wish you lots of laughter and never one wee sigh, and I hope no gift of fortune may ever pass you by.

In the name of old Erin here's wishing you cheer, good luck and good fortune for many a year.

it never fails, they say, and that's the kind I'm wishing you, with all my heart today, and faith, that's not the half of it, I wish you fun and laughter, good friends and health and happiness today and ever after.

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