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In the old days, it was customary for the eldest girl in a family to marry first and her sisters according to age afterwards.

In Co. Donegal, when a man wanted to marry a particular girl, he and a friend went to her house and when the door was opened, he'd throw his cap into the house. If the cap was thrown back out, it meant she wasn't interested.

It is good luck if the stone in your engagement ring is your birthstone.

Traditionally December 31, is one of the luckiest day to wed, as is the month of April, with the traditional saying "Marry in May and rue the day; marry in April if you can, joy for maiden and for man."

The brides family and relatives put the child of prague statue outside under a bush, to prevent it from raining on the wedding day

It was lucky to hear a cuckoo on the wedding morning or to see three magpies.

It's lucky to be awakened by birds singing on the morning of your wedding.

It's lucky if a woman who is happily married puts the veil on the bride, and bad luck if the bride does it herself.

Surprisingly, the bride should never wear green at her wedding, it is considered unlucky!

If your wedding dress is accidentally torn on the day it will bring good luck.

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